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On this page, you can find resources developed specifically for the California State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) by DDS, CDE, the ICC, and/or WestEd. This includes materials for both parents and professionals. 

This video is designed to give parents of infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities information on social and emotional development, as well as tips on how they can build a strong relationship with their child to improve their child's social and emotional development. 

To download the accompanying flyer, "Take a Minute - Relationships Matter!", click here

To view a transcript of this video, please click here: Transcript - "Take a Minute: Relationships Matter!" Video [English]

To download this video, please click here: Take a Minute: Relationships Matter Video, and then click "Download"

This resource was developed for the California State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) with the support of the California Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) on Early Intervention and the Early Start Comprehensive System of Personnel Development. Early Start is implemented by the Department of Developmental Services.

The ICC-Recommended Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM) describes core knowledge and role-specific competencies needed for early intervention service provision, incorporating current research and evidence in the field of early intervention. To access the ESPMCLICK HERE

This resource is related to the following ESPM knowledge-level competencies:

  • Core Knowledge (CK):
    • CK2: The role of primary social and emotional relationships as the foundation for early learning.
    • CK10:  The significance and study of team models, collaboration and relationship-based practice.
  • Individualized Family Service Plan Development and Review (IFSP-DR):
    • IFSP-DR5 (EIA):  Has basic knowledge of intervention strategies used in everyday routines, relationships, activities, places and partnerships.
  • Individualized Family Service Plan Implementation (IFSP-i):
    • IFSP-i3 (EIS): Knows generic and specific evidence-based early intervention strategies to support all areas of development.
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