1. Visit cpeionline.net 


  1. Enter your username and password and select Log in or create a new


  1. Choose one of the following two tabs:
    1. Facilitated Course Schedule or
    2. Open Access Courses
  1. Select the course of interest


  1. For courses requiring enrollment, you will be taken to the course Select the Enroll button. 


  1. Once enrolled, access the course by choosing My Courses. 


  1. Select Go to Course to begin the course.


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About Early Start Online

The Department of Developmental Services, the California Department of Education, and the California Early Intervention Technical Assistance Network (CEITAN) at WestEd Center for Prevention & Early Intervention are pleased to offer this Comprehensive System of Personnel Development for early intervention service coordinators, service providers, specialists, administrators, and other early intervention personnel.

At the heart of all Early Start training is the comprehensive, evidence-based content that the field has come to expect from Early Start personnel development. The core curriculum and learning outcomes are aligned with the Early Start Personnel Manual competencies. Delivery of training is guided by the Training and Technical Assistance Collaborative Core Messages. All content is developed in collaboration with the Department of Developmental Services and partners from the California Department of Education as well as professional and parent leaders. Content is reviewed and approved by the Department of Developmental Services.

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