Coaching and Transdisciplinary Teamwork

This topic area has to do with coaching and transdisciplinary teamwork when providing services in the natural environment. What's going well? What's challeging? Tell us below!

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What's Challenging?

What's challenging about coaching and transdisciplinary teamwork when providing services in the natural environment?

Here's what some professionals had to say at the ESPS 2018 world cafe session on natural environments: 

  • Engaging the parent with teachers and therapist – parents can get creative
  • Buy in from parent and vendor providers having the same practice/philosophy
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Getting parents to practice what has been modeled or coached is difficult
  • Cross-vendor communication
  • Medical model doesn’t always reflect EI philosophy
  • Hard to team with varying professional schedules
  • Scheduling
  • Overwhelming
  • Conflicting recommendations
  • Collaboration
  • Expectation vs. reality
  • Role of parent

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