Associated Costs and/or Savings

This topic area has to do with associated costs and/or savings related to providing services in natural environments. What's going well? What's challeging? Tell us below!

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What's Challenging?

What's challenging about costs and/or savings of providing services in the natural environment? Tell us below in the comments.

Here's what some professionals had to say at the ESPS 2018 world cafe session on natural environments: 

  • Distance, time, expense
  • Limited number of children seen with long distance/travel time
  • Lack of providers in remote areas
  • Shared housing: co-families may not want services in the home
  • No-shows = no reimbursement
  • Poor safety in some areas
  • Mileage isn’t covered (sometimes)
  • If provider brings materials into home – they may have to take it with them when they leave (not part of the natural environment)
  • Homeless or living in shelters

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