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Resource Spotlight: Early Start Personnel Manual

8540062271?profile=RESIZE_400xThis week on the Neighborhood News, we’re spotlighting a valuable Early Start professional resource: the Early Start Personnel Manual: A Guide for Planning and Implementing Professional Development in Support of Early Intervention Services (ESPM). As implied by its title, the ESPM details the “foundational principles, competencies, and evidence-based practices” essential for high-quality Early Start service delivery. Topics covered include the early intervention team composition and roles, personnel entry and advancement pathways for Early Intervention Specialists and Early Intervention Assistants, foundational principles for providing Early Start services, and core knowledge and skill competencies for Early Start personnel. 

The ESPM is recommended by the California State Interagency Coordinating Council on Early Intervention and supports the California Early Start Comprehensive System of Personnel Development to strengthen California’s system of qualified personnel providing services for eligible infants, toddlers, and their families. If you have ever wondered what all your job entails, the ESPM is the place to look. It describes the knowledge and skill base each professional needs to demonstrate in order to support children and families to the best of our ability.

Read the full ESPM document right here on the Neighborhood:

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