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NEW - Take a Minute! Resources for Parents

The Department of Developmental Services and the WestEd Center for Prevention & Early Intervention are excited to announce the release of the latest parent resources related to the California State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP). The "Take a Minute - Relationships Matter!" flyer and video provide parents of infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities important information about how to develop strong relationships with their children, to improve their child's social and emotional development. The video and flyer are available to anyone in the Early Start community to watch and download. Take a minute to support the social and emotional development of the infant or toddler in YOUR life!

"Take a Minute: Relationships Matter!" video (7:28):


"Take a Minute - Relationships Matter!" Flyer:



These resources are related to one or more competencies in the ICC-Recommended Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM). To find out more, visit these resources in the Neighborhood here and here.

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    Parents are children’s first teachers. Empowering these parents by offering this guide can go a long way in closing the achievement gap. The importance of social-emotional development is sometimes overlooked because of the emphasis on academic preparedness.  The Take a Minute flyer and video is an excellent quick and easy resource to use to educate parents or those working in the field of Early Start. This flyer and video is a free resource that can be combined and used in training or given out to parents as a quick guide on social-emotional development.

  • Not only are these resources helpful for the Early Start community they are also an excellent resource for all parents of 0-3(+) year olds!

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