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Strategies 2.0

strategies 2.0 blue text with flower on top of the letter iOne of the resources mentioned in the SSIP Resource Guide to Social-Emotional Initiatives and Programs is Strategies 2.0, a program funded by the California Department of Social Services which provides free training statewide on the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors. Strategies 2.0 offers a variety of training and supports in-person and online to organizations and individuals serving families throughout California. Registration is currently open for the following dates:

9/8/17, 8am-4pm in San Diego

9/21/17 in Mammoth Lakes (Mono County)

9/28/17 8:30am-4pm in Sacramento

To register, or to find out more information, visit, select “Services” in the top menu, and select “Trainings.” 

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