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Autism Awareness on the Neighborhood

autism society poster with a red blue teal and yellow painted handApril is Autism Awareness Month! Join us as we celebrate our friends and neighbors with autism. You can make a difference! Here on the Neighborhood, we’re celebrating Autism Awareness Month with a round-up of resources on autism for providers and families:

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The August 2018 issue of the Head Start Disabilities Services newsletter is out, and it's all about "Infant/Toddler to Preschool Transitions for Children with Disabilities." Geared towards  professionals working with children with disabilities who are approaching transition, the newsletter features a variety of resources for both providers and families to support smooth transitions into preschool.  Click the link above to view the newsletter in your Web browser, or view and download the PDF below (the hyperlinks all work!).

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The latest issue of the Head Start Disabilites Services Newsletter is all about "Supporting Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities or Suspected Delays and Their Families in the Home and in the Classroom." In this issue, the Office of Head Start has curated a helpful collection of professional development and other resources for those working with infants and toddlers with disabilities in settings like child care, Early Head Start, etc. Click the link above to view the web version, or view and download the PDF below (the hyperlinks all work!). 


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Strategies 2.0

strategies 2.0 blue text with flower on top of the letter iOne of the resources mentioned in the SSIP Resource Guide to Social-Emotional Initiatives and Programs is Strategies 2.0, a program funded by the California Department of Social Services which provides free training statewide on the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors. Strategies 2.0 offers a variety of training and supports in-person and online to organizations and individuals serving families throughout California. Registration is currently open for the following dates:

9/8/17, 8am-4pm in San Diego

9/21/17 in Mammoth Lakes (Mono County)

9/28/17 8:30am-4pm in Sacramento

To register, or to find out more information, visit, select “Services” in the top menu, and select “Trainings.” 

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One great way to teach young children about feelings and relationships is reading books with them that tackle those topics. We compiled a list of several books for children ages 0-3 that deal with social and emotional issues like managing feelings, being a friend, and solving problems. This handy list can be sorted by title, author, year of publication, age range, and topic, and can easily be downloaded and printed to share with your community. Whether you are a parent of a young child with a disability, or a service provider working with children in Early Start, we hope you find some fun new books to help teach the infant or toddler in your life the important social and emotional skills to set them up for success!

social emotional skills table

These are just some of the many books featured on our list!

To find the list of children's books on social-emotional topics, including instructions on how to print the list, click here.

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