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Help Me Grow California

orange purple blue yellow green flower petalsHelp Me Grow California is one of 17 state affiliates of the Help Me Grow National Center, “a system for improving access to existing resources and services” for young children. Building upon the idea that “early detection and connection to services lead to the best outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral concerns,” Help Me Grow empowers states to “implement effective, universal, early surveillance and screening for all children,” while providing families with much needed links to quality local programs.

Help Me Grow does not provide direct service to children and families; instead, it emphasizes four core components to build the capacity of communities to support families and children:

  1. Outreach to child health care providers,
  2. Outreach to the community,
  3. Centralized information and resource centers, and
  4. Ongoing data collection and analysis.

Help Me Grow California was established in 2011, and includes 11 county-level affiliates with a potential reach of more than one mill

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