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picture of man and woman playing with their babyThe closures of many workplaces, summer camps, and daycares due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean that many families are spending most of their time at home with their young children. The home life of infants and toddlers is rich with learning experiences;  one way that early childhood professionals can support families is by sharing strategies to enhance these natural opportunities for learning.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has many resources designed specifically for families that are perfect for sharing, including “Building Social and Emotional Skills at Home,” which features a handful of low- and no-tech tips for parents on different ways they can regularly support their child’s social and emotional development at home. If you are a professional working with young children with developmental disabilities, review the tips and think about how you might modify them for the families of the children you work with. If you are the parent of a young chi

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blue gradient flyer with a person doing squatsToday on the Neighborhood Blog, we’re highlighting a resource that we haven’t talked about in a while: the Take a Minute – Relationships Matter! flyer for parents. This two-page handout offers families helpful information and concrete, easy-to-follow strategies to build a strong relationship with their child, and help their infant or toddler develop social-emotional skills that are foundational to all areas of development. This flyer has been translated into over a dozen languages to meet the diverse needs of California’s families. Download and share this flyer with the families you work with!

To download the flyer in English, click here

To download the flyer in Spanish, click here

To access other translations, click here


How are YOU using the Take a Minute flyer with the families in your area? Share your ideas and strategies below!

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