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Welcome to Ask the Expert, a special feature here in the Neighborhood where we ask an Early Start expert to share their knowledge on a certain topic with our members. Our expert this month is Monica Mathur-Kalluri, an Early Childhood Development Specialist with the WestEd Center for Prevention & Early Intervention and the National Center for Systemic Improvement. Last month, we asked Monica all about Routines-Based Early Intervention. After taking a short break for the holidays, we are ready to share what she had to say! Read on to find out more about Routines-Based Early Intervention.


What is Routines-Based Early Intervention?

Monica: Routines-Based Early Intervention is a model that focuses on supporting family functioning in existing, meaningful, everyday routines.  Robin McWilliam developed this model, although some of the components are shared with other family-centered models. 

The Routines-Based Early Intervention model includes 5 components:


(1) Understanding a family’s

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Are you a provider of early intervention services? This resource is for you!


As part of the "Take a Minute" campaign in support of the California State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) to improve social-emotional outcomes for Early Start infants and toddlers, the Department of Developmental Services and WestEd's Center for Prevention & Early Intervention have developed a two-page "checklist" of best practices in promoting social-emotional development when working with families in Early Start. The checklist features eight (8) tips on how you can support the parent-child relationship, which is key to social-emotional growth. You can download and print the checklist and keep it with you, or view it digitally on your smartphone or tablet.


This checklist is a great addition to any provider's toolkit, and it supports the wonderful work you are already doing with Early Start children and their families! Take a minute and check out this new resource!

Click here to download this resource di

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