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Reasons for Concern

"Reasons for Concern that your child or a child in your care may need special help" offers a brief summary of general risk factors and specific red flags for behavior, hearing, vision, movement, communication, and thinking. Created by the California Department of Education along with the Department of Developmental Services and targeting families and caregivers of children birth to age five, this easy to understand brochure provides words families can use to discuss their concerns with doctors and words childcare providers can use with families. It also offers contact information for "next steps," including referral to the local regional center or school district and assessment of the child, when needed. The 2015 version of Reasons for Concern is currently available in both English and Spanish, and both versions are posted here for your convenience. 

This resource is related to one or more competencies in the ICC-Recommended Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM). To find out more, visit

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All About Young Children

Have you discovered the California Department of Education’s website All About Young Children?

black and white childhood memoriesIt’s filled with “information for families on children’s early development,” across five different topics, at five age levels, and in eight different languages! The site provides information in various combinations of language, age, and topic, including social-emotional development, language development and literacy, number sense, physical development, and approaches to learning.

Each topic is described in detail and illustrated through videos in English, Hmong, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and two dialects of Chinese. Individual pages can also be downloaded in pdf format to share with families who may not have easy access to the Internet.  Take a quick look at the pdf pages on social-emotional development in English by clicking on an age group below:

What a great resource to share with families in their own language!

This r

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Vroom: A Site to Help Build Your Baby's Brain

Today’s blog post highlights Vroom an interactive website that provides parents and caregivers with ways to boost early learning. Vroom says, “Great moments are all around you in the things you already do . . . to help build your baby’s brain.” This site offers pages and pages of “easy ways to nurture your child’s growing mind,” including more than two dozen ideas aimed at children ages birth to three. The site focuses on “brain building moments,” and Vroom says, “The time you have is all (the time) you need to be a brain builder.”

Vroom also asks visitors to share “fun ways you’re already engaging and connecting with your child.” Viewers can enter ideas on the Vroom site or through various social media platforms.

Even better, there’s a smart phone app, called Daily Vroom, that “makes it easy to access fun Vroom activities any time to make the most of these precious years when the foundation for all future learning is happening.”

Click here to watch a short video on Vroom’s Brain Build

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