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pink newsletter with heart and mother holding babyFamilies who are new to Early Start may have many questions: What are early intervention services? What is an IFSP? Where can I go for support? They may find written information helpful as they navigate the Early Start System.

WarmLine FRC has developed a "Welcome to Early Start" brochure for families of children birth to three with developmental delays or disabilities or established risk conditions who are receiving Early Start services for the first time. This handy, four-page guide helps orient parents to the basics of the Early Start early intervention system. The brochure covers the role of the family resource center, the purpose of early intervention services, an overview of the IFSP document and process, and some ways that parents can prepare for IFSP meetings and support their child's development in the context of everyday routines and environments. There is even a helpful tip from the “Take a Minute—Relationships Matter!” flyer for parents!  

To access this resource in the Nei

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Social-Emotional Tips for Families

Today's featured resources, Social Emotional Tips for Families with Infants and Social Emotional Tips for Families with Toddlers, come from the Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation at Georgetown University. Each set provides five single-sheet posters with five tips per page. Families can hang these colorful resources throughout their home and refer to them during specific daily routines, such as dressing, meal time, play time, resting, and diapering/toileting. The tips included in each set differ according to the child’s age.

These resources mention Early Head Start home visitors, but the strategies are appropriate for many professionals, including Early Start service providers and family resource center staff who facilitate support groups.

Home visitors may want to offer one of the posters to a family as a way to begin and “expand conversations about building connections during daily routines.” The parent and home visitor might then review the tips and talk about th

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Vroom: A Site to Help Build Your Baby's Brain

Today’s blog post highlights Vroom an interactive website that provides parents and caregivers with ways to boost early learning. Vroom says, “Great moments are all around you in the things you already do . . . to help build your baby’s brain.” This site offers pages and pages of “easy ways to nurture your child’s growing mind,” including more than two dozen ideas aimed at children ages birth to three. The site focuses on “brain building moments,” and Vroom says, “The time you have is all (the time) you need to be a brain builder.”

Vroom also asks visitors to share “fun ways you’re already engaging and connecting with your child.” Viewers can enter ideas on the Vroom site or through various social media platforms.

Even better, there’s a smart phone app, called Daily Vroom, that “makes it easy to access fun Vroom activities any time to make the most of these precious years when the foundation for all future learning is happening.”

Click here to watch a short video on Vroom’s Brain Build

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