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Join First 5 California for a virtual conversation about early developmental screening and referrals to Early Start during COVID-19. From First 5 CA:
As we continue to move through COVID-19, it is critical that children with developmental and behavioral delays continue to be identified and linked to interventions. Early Start is California's early intervention program run primarily through 21 community-based Regional Centers which are still open, accepting referrals, and conducting assessments. However, since March 2020, concerns have been raised regarding the dramatic drop in referrals to Regional Centers (average down 40% as compared to last year). 
We are also hearing about well-child visits hitting a low when the stay-at-home orders went active back in March, and many children may have missed their visits impacting developmental screening and surveillance, immunizations, and other important checks and balances that take place during these critical early years. 
The upcoming Learning Collaborative on October 7th at 10:30am will provide us with an opportunity to hear directly from 
  • DDS Early Start representatives about the RC referral data, the concerns it is raising, what is being done to mitigate: outreach, partnerships, messaging campaign, how First 5s and HMG are/can support/ing, and an opportunity to share resources/language etc. that we can use to help turn the downward trend around; 
  • Marti Baum, physician champion for Help Me Grow Inland Empire, CMA board director trustee, Loma Linda University pediatrician, about the recent reports from CMA and AAP about Medicaid and CHIP usage for children 18 and younger during COVID; and 
  • Michelle Rogers, ED of Early Learning Institute (HMG Solano lead service provider and Regional Center vendored Early Start provider) and First 5 Solano Commissioner, who will share the provider perspective and how they are working with local communities to address the need. 
Please join us for this important conversation October 7th 10:30am. This First 5 Learning Collaborative is open to First 5 and our partners in early childhood.
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