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Children's Books on Social-Emotional Skills

One great way to teach young children about feelings and relationships is reading books with them that tackle those topics. We compiled a list of several books for children ages 0-3 that deal with social and emotional issues like managing feelings, being a friend, and solving problems. This handy list can be sorted by title, author, year of publication, age range, and topic, and can easily be downloaded and printed to share with your community. Whether you are a parent of a young child with a disability, or a service provider working with children in Early Start, we hope you find some fun new books to help teach the infant or toddler in your life the important social and emotional skills to set them up for success!

social emotional skills table

These are just some of the many books featured on our list!

To find the list of children's books on social-emotional topics, including instructions on how to print the list, click here.

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