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Caucasian mother holding an infantThe Harvard University Center on the Developing Child has created a handy infographic for parents and professionals alike to explain the basics of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACES and Toxic Stress: Frequently Asked Questions describes how ACES work to impact very young children and their families and how the effects of ACES can be mitigated. The accompanying text answers questions such as:

  • What are ACEs?
  • How do ACEs relate to toxic stress?
  • What is trauma, and how does it connect to ACEs and toxic stress?

Check out the Center on the Developing Child website to view and download this useful graphic to share with families or refresh your knowledge of ACES in early childhood:

This resource is related to one or more competencies in the ICC-Recommended Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM). To find out more, visit this resource in the Neighborhood here.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

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