Zero to Three offers an excellent video resource entitled, “From Feelings to Friendships: Nurturing Healthy Social-Emotional Development in the Early Years.” It is part of their “Magic of Everyday Moments” series. The video describes the importance of the parent-child bond in building a child’s “ability to form relationships with others,…

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Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing PLUS

The National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) at Utah State University published an e-book in 2019, entitled “A Resource Guide for Early Hearing Detection & Intervention.” Today’s post focuses on Chapter 6 of that publication: “Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing PLUS.”

The chapter defines Deaf or Hard…

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Caucasian mother holding an infant The Harvard University Center on the Developing Child has created a handy infographic for parents and professionals alike to explain the basics of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACES and Toxic Stress: Frequently Asked Questions describes how ACES work to impact very young children and their families and how the effects of ACES can be mitigated.…

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Am I Really My Child’s First Teacher?

Today’s article answers the age-old question, “Am I Really My Child’s First Teacher,” with a resounding, “Yes!” The folks at NAEYC provide a rationale for the claim and offer examples of routines-based interventions that support literacy development, like telling stories, looking around, and making books available. It’s a quick read. Check it out and let us know what you think in the…

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OPEN Source - COVID-19 Resource Site

Early Start OPEN Source is a new area within the Early Start Online environment that provides access to curated resources related to the COVID-19 response but tailored to the needs of the Early Start community. Find and share resources, and stay connected to your Early Start peers and partners. To visit OPEN Source, CLICK HERE.

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COVID-19 Info for Providers

Please see the "Coronavirus Information and Resources" page on the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) website for information, resources, and Departmental directives for providers and regional centers: https://www.dds.ca.gov/corona-virus-information-and-resources/

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