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"Let Me Tell You What I Want"

The Office of Special Education Program’s Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) and the Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute bring us this week, “Let Me Tell You What I Want.” The intention behind this practice guide is to capitalize on the gestures infants naturally use to communicate and to help parents find ways to adapt gestures and signs for children with disabilities who may struggle with…

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TACSEI Backpack Connection Series

Families play an essential role in the Early Start system – we often say, “Families are the heart of Early Start.” Strong partnerships between families and early intervention programs support the learning and development of infants and toddlers with disabilities who receive Early Start services. There are many resources available on family engagement; today on the Neighborhood News, we’re highlighting a group of resources called the Backpack Connection…

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Check Out What's New!

Notice anything new about the Neighborhood today? We've remodeled! It's now even easier to find the resources you need! In the tab bar above, where Resource Library and SSIP Central used to live, you can now find Resources by Topic and Resources by Service Type. But don't worry - things like the Service Coordination Handbook and the Take a Minute materials are all still here! With just a few clicks, you can locate an article, publication, or tool based…

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The Central Directory of Early Start Resources is now online. CLICK HERE to visit the Directory website, or visit the following URL: https://www.ceitan-earlystart.org/central-directory/

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