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Unilateral Hearing Loss: Tips for Parents

9614439478?profile=RESIZE_400xThis week on the blog, we’re highlighting a resource for parents of infants with unilateral hearing loss, meaning that hearing loss has been identified in one ear. This resource briefly describes some of the unique hearing and language needs of babies with unilateral hearing loss, as well as strategies for supporting an infant to attend to sounds and voices. The article concludes with tips for supporting overall development and keeping an eye out for possible warning signs of developmental delays. Check out the resource on the Hands & Voices website, and feel free to share with any parent who may find it useful:

Hands & Voices is an international organization that supports children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their parents. To learn more about Hands & Voices, including the California chapter, visit

This resource is related to one or more competencies in the ICC-Recommended Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM). To find out more, visit this resource in the Neighborhood here.

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